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Moral Injury Program at the Asheville VA

We did a program on Moral Injury for the social workers at the Asheville VA. We invited Matthew Hoh to join us to speak about his personal experiences with moral injury. There were some peer support folks there who were especially moved by what we presented. One told us that we were truly doing God's work.  The social workers were very receptive and we were asked by the organizers to talk more about the work of Quaker House during the Q & A. 

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We were the featured speakers at the Tony A. Biles Clergy Convocation in Concord, NC, sponsored by the Carolinas Healthcare System Northeast Spiritual Care Department and Faith Community Health Ministry Department and NorthEast Foundation. There were about 300 clergy, veterans, healthcare professionals and chaplains attending.

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We conducted the annual Alternatives to Violence Project Training January 13-15, 2017.  Fayetteville NOW and the Fayetteville/Cumberland Human Relations Commission co-sponsored.  The Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) is a training program enabling participants to deal with potentially violent situations in new & creative ways.  Attendees included veterans (some who work with Wounded Warrior programs), social workers, and teachers. 

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Cracking the Codes: The System of Racial Inequity: Quaker House co-sponsors community discussions to promote proactive dialogue on the complex issues of race. 

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Piedmont Friends Fellowship/Yearly Meeting Retreat November 5th. Lynn and Steve conducted the Piedmont Friends Fellowship/Yearly Meeting Retreat November 5th.

 The topic was:  “Quaker House: Helping our Victims of War at Home," and featured our GI Rights Hotline counselors, Lenore Yarger and Steve Woolford, and our Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Moral Injury in the Military Therapist, Joanna. 


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Congress drops plans to make women register for the draft

By: Leo Shane III, Military Times, November 29, 2016

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Fayetteville "Black Lives Matter" Rally we supported and participated in a Fayetteville "Black Lives Matter" rally.