Ft. Bragg chaplains visit Quaker House!

September 17, 2013 was an historical day for Quaker House as a group of chaplains and military behavioral health professionals came to visit us. As one chaplain put it, it was a time to build bridges. We discussed our GI Rights Hotline counseling and gave them samples of letters and calls that we’ve gotten. We agreed that we could work together to help the service members who are wounded in mind, soul and body. We presented information on the Alternatives to Violence Project and Joanna, our wonderful domestic violence therapist, told about the women that she has been helping. We explained that our organized protests were in support of the soldiers, to try to create a more peaceful world for them. One chaplain remarked that, upon entering the house, it “smelled like his grandmother’s home,” a way of knowing that our home was truly a welcoming and comfortable place. I told them how my prayer upon getting this job was to be able to sit with the military and say, “how can we help?” That prayer has been answered many times over now, but today was truly remarkable. I am very thankful to the compassionate and dedicated chaplains who arranged this visit and came to meet with us.